Clinical Psychologist Sonoma, CA - Jerry Silver, Ph.D.

The Therapeutic Process

Therapy is a process which is based on the establishment of a trusting and safe relationship with a therapist. It is within this relationship that problems, feelings, thoughts, and life goals can be discussed, explored and worked through. I see myself as a guide for you in this process. I believe that although problems sometimes seem large and overwhelming, they can be “reframed” in ways that can help you gain new perspectives. Ultimately old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you can be changed.

My approach is one of viewing people in a holistic manner. I believe that body, mind, and emotions direct our choices and behaviors in life. I work with a variety of approaches depending on what you present as your focus and desired goals. Whether the focus of therapy is on reducing various forms of anxiety, chronic pain, interpersonal conflict, depression, low self esteem or other forms of stress, understanding old “programming” can lead to new choices and new behavioral patterns resulting in a more fulfilled life.

I also work extensively with relationship issues. I believe that relationships are one of the primary ways in which we learn about ourselves. Whether it is a relationship with your partner, family, work or with me (as your therapist), these relationships act as mirrors for helping to understand ourselves better and lead us towards making more effective life choices.

The length of therapy will depend on your goals and the issues you wish to address. Reducing intense emotional/psychological pain can be done relatively quickly...say a couple of months. Changing long standing addictions (drugs, food, sex, destructive relationships, etc.) as well as dysfunctional patterns of behavior (avoidance, constant fighting, poor communication, poor choices in relationships, etc) is likely to take longer.

Lastly, some clients choose to use therapy as an ongoing support in their lives. For them, therapy offers a kind of “check in” much as seeing your primary care doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist or spiritual healer, etc. These clients remain in therapy on an ongoing basis, but come in much less frequently than every week.